Focusing on the subtle sensations in the body and the intricacies of the pose, Ara's classes will help you to build strength, awareness and steadiness in the mind and body.  By expanding your breath through pranayama practices (breath control), Ara's classes combine a blend of rhythmic flow and challenging holds.  People are encouraged to explore and move intuitively.  Ara also incorporates a lot of core and balancing work throughout her classes to strengthen stabilizer muscles for a strong foundation - - ground and stabilize, so you are able to move more freely in life.  

Effort with ease. Ara offers modifications to make poses and transitions accessible to everyone. Sometimes doing less, can benefit you more.  Ara's classes include calming, meditative practices and movements, so you leave feeling revitalized and not depleted.


Bio.   Ara's first introduction to yoga was in grade school, when her mom taught her a simple breathing technique to help calm the mind and body - such a convenient tool to always have with you. She continues to always be surprised and ever grateful of the feeling of awareness, strength & clarity that comes from a dedicated practice. She completed her teacher training at 8 Limbs Yoga Center in Seattle, WA in 2009 with Anne Phyfe Palmer, Melina Meza, Chiara Guerrieri & Jenny Hayo. Since then she has also had the opportunity to train with Shiva Rea, Rod Stryker and Sarah Powers. Ara is a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and has years of experience working one-on-one with people of all ages and different body types. She is a nurturing and compassionate teacher and aims to create a safe and fun environment for people to come together.


Ara’s classes are the perfect combination of physical strength and spiritual discovery. Each class includes a powerful flow that does not spare the sweat, but Ara’s verbal coaching uses this intense release to open the heart center and unearth each individual’s intention. Her classes truly are cleansing and powerful, and I look forward to them every week!
— Tali M.
Hey, I am a pretty serious road biker… working with Ara has really opened up my hips, stretched my hammies, and strengthened my core.” It’s so true! Ara’s classes are an excellent combination of stretching, balance work, and strengthening. After working with her, I always feel better about myself, my flexibility, and my commitment to yoga.
— Mark. I.
Ara always takes the time in her classes to intentionally work with her students to help them reach their potential and creates a welcoming, caring environment for your individual practice. She does a very good job at helping you learn how to practice yoga safely and constantly encourages you to try new poses that you never dreamed you could do.
— Meeghan B.